Oral Robbers Secret Prologue – Margaret Lashley

Secret Prologue: ​​Oral Robbers

Welcome to your sneak peek at the lunatic’s point of view…

Scree scree scree.

The eerie, scraping sound caused the hair on the back of the old man’s neck to prick up. Paralyzed from the neck down, it should’ve been a welcome feeling, considering it was one of the few he had left.

But it wasn’t welcome. Neither was the unknown entity creeping down the corridor.

Scree scree scree.

For the past three nights, the sound had echoed down the nursing home’s dreary hallway. And every morning, another resident hadn’t make it to breakfast.

Unable to move or speak, the man had lain helpless in his bed as the thing he called “The Taker” had come for Larry. Then John. Then Jim.

Now it was coming for him.

Scree scree scree.

A dark silhouette shuffled into the doorway of his room. It wasn’t the round, feminine shape of his night nurse.

Where’s Polly?

Polly! Polly! Polly!

The man tried to scream, but his vocal chords had long ago withered to uselessness. Instead, his mouth opened and closed in silent futility, like a fish gasping for air. His eyes bulged in their sockets, straining to see in the darkness—to make out the thing creeping ever closer to his bedside.

Scree scree scree.

A gnarled, claw-like hand reached toward him. It yanked open the snaps along the neck of his hospital gown.

The man’s heartbeat echoed like thunder in his ears as The Taker slowly leaned over him. Its inhumane eyes met his.

“See you on the other side,” The Taker hissed, and sunk its fangs into the man’s jugular.

As his lifeblood drained away, the old man’s face relaxed.

His eyes grew fuzzy.

And then he did something he hadn’t done since the accident that had left him paralyzed thirteen years ago.

He laughed and laughed and laughed.