Margaret Lashley – Val Fremden Mystery Series

Hi there! Just in case you're wondering, I write best-selling humorous mysteries AND thrilling tales of psychological suspense. You're cordially invited to take a walk on the light side OR the dark side. (Or both!)

Either way, things are about to get a little crazy ....

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Mind's Eye Investigations, Book 1

Some women fear turning into their mothers. For New York Psychologist Deanna Young, that would mean a slow descent into madness ....

Haunted by vague memories and horrific nightmares, Deanna fears her sanity is already beginning to slip. But when her mother dies suddenly, she’s forced to return to Florida and face her tortured past head-on, ready or not.

Still, nothing could prepare Deanna for the horror she discovers—handwritten letters by her mother, confessing to numerous unsolved murders in her small neighborhood.

As the letters arrive in the post, victims’ families hire private investigators to confirm their authenticity. Little does anyone realize, their investigation will spark the rage of a sadistic psychopath hell-bent on revenge.

But just who is stalking who is anybody’s guess.

Torn between her desire to vindicate her mother and fear she may somehow be responsible, Deanna must decide if uncovering the truth is really what she seeks, or if it’s better left buried—either in her mind, or in a shallow grave ….

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