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Bobbie and Grayson are at it again in:


Freaky Florida Mystery Adventures, Book 7

Feel the Burn…

When Bobbie and Grayson go in search of a new RV, a chance encounter at a homeowner’s fire sale ignites a hidden flame burning deep within Grayson.

And it’s not Spontaneous Human Combustion …

Or is it?

People in St. Petersburg, Florida keep mysteriously bursting into flames. While the pair investigate potential causes, sparks soon begin to fly between them as well, threatening to snuff out their budding romance.

Hot pockets. Total burnouts. Suspicious ash holes.

As Bobbie and Grayson sift through the grisly clues, will they realize they’re fated to be twin flames? Or will the fireworks between them fizzle out like a dud?

 With the heat on to solve the case, they’d better keep a close eye on each other. If not, they could both end up in the dead-letter office marked, “Return to Cinder.”

Like  Carl Hiassen? Janet Evanovich? Christopher Moore? You'll probably love Freaky Florida Mystery Adventures, too!

The weirdness of The X-Files and the unwashed insanity of My Name is Earl collide to form this deliciously snarky, totally abnormal mystery series. 

Smoked Mullet is book seven in the best-selling Freaky Florida Mystery Adventures series.  Grab it now and get set for a mind-blowing adventure!

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