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  Nine Hilarious Midlife Mysteries Packed with Southern Mayhem

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Eight Sidesplitting X-Files Spoof Mysteries Exploring the Freakier Side of Florida

  Freaky Florida Humorous & Totally Weird Mysteries

Hi there! Just in case you're wondering, I write best-selling humorous mysteries set in sunny Florida, where there's never a shortage of writing inspiration. You're cordially invited to join in the fun! 

  Nail-Biting Tales of Psychological Suspense -- Without the Gore

Thrilling Mind's Eye Investigations

The Golden Girls meets Married to the Mob in this brand-new series set in St. Pete, Florida!

Doreen Diller Humorous Mysteries


Doreen Diller is at it again in: 


Doreen Diller Mystery Series, Book 2

"This just might be your favorite read of the summer."  BookTrib

She Escaped a Murder Rap. Can She Outrun her Family, Too?.

The Golden Girls meets Married to the Mob in this madcap mystery series packed with Mafioso-style mayhem along with a generous dollop of Southern-style sarcasm.

All Doreen Diller wanted was to be an A-List movie star. But after finding out her family in Florida is related to the mob, she may have to settle for Plan B—a hasty exit, stage right.

Sophia, the reigning Godmother, is about to turn one hundred. But someone is determined to end her centennial celebration with a bang and grab the throne for themselves.

As the party draws ever nearer, Doreen finds herself itching to get out of town to avoid the deadly showdown looming at the Collard Green Corral. But before she can make a clean getaway, her family hits her with a bombshell of its own.

An offer she can’t refuse.

Or can she?

Come join the fun in this second installment comic crime caper set in sunny St. Petersburg, Florida.

Get your copy now. It's gonna be a blast!

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