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Hi there! Just in case you're wondering, I write best-selling humorous mysteries set in sunny Florida, where there's never a shortage of writing inspiration. You're cordially invited to join in the fun! 

  Nail-Biting Tales of Psychological Suspense -- Without the Gore

Thrilling Mind's Eye Investigations

The Golden Girls meets Married to the Mob in this brand-new trilogy set in St. Pete, Florida!

Doreen Diller Humorous Mystery Trilogy

  Bring on the Gonzo when your beloved bestie, Val Fremden, strikes again! Brand new stories, same hilarious cast--plus a few new characters to love!

Hilarious Val Fremden Strikes Again!


Val Fremden is Back and Funnier than Ever! 


Val Fremden Strikes Again, Book 1

One Woman. One Hammer. One Guy Who’s Fixin’ to Get Nailed …

After 50 years of bumbling around on the planet, Val Fremden’s got nothing to show for her life but a long string of dead-end jobs and a two-digit bank balance.

But just as she’s about to toss her champagne dreams and caviar wishes into the dumpster, Val discovers that Marco Shamway—the jerk who plagued her all through high school—is now a millionaire.

Worse yet, the idea that catapulted Marco to fame and fortune was one he’d stolen … from her!

In an instant, Val’s bubble of midlife complacency bursts like a rotten tomato, splattering sour-grape juice all over her mediocre existence. Out for revenge, Val’s determined to make her mark on the world (or set the record straight?) even if it kills her—or better yet, him.

If you’ve ever longed to serve some jerk a steaming pile of their own just desserts, Val’s your gal! Hitch your wagon to this midlife mess and let her do the dirty work—while you laugh yourself silly all the way to the hilarious end.

Delivers October 13th. Get your copy now. It's gonna be a hit!

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