Weevil Spirits - Margaret Lashley

Weevil Spirits

Weevil Spirits

Things that Go

When Grayson and Bobbie head to the Florida Panhandle to witness a spectacle of nature, they take a wrong turn and quickly find themselves up to their armpits in arthropods.

And that’s the good part of their vacation.

Campers are disappearing without a trace from nearby Torreya State Park. Whatever’s stalking them soon sets its eyes on Bobbie and Grayson, too.

Toadsicles. Bugaboos. Entomophagous barbeque.

It’s enough to make anyone lose their appetite!

Have Bobbie and Grayson finally bitten off more than they can chew? Or will they swallow their fears and capture the creature that’s been bugging them?

Only one thing’s for sure. Either way, they’re gonna need a bigger can of Raid ...

Weevil Spirits is book five in the Freaky Florida Mystery Adventures Series.

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Series: Freaky Florida Mystery Adventures, Book 5
Genre: Mysteries
Tag: Kindle Unlimited
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