Dr. Prepper - Margaret Lashley

Dr. Prepper

Dr. Prepper

Are earthworms the new pasta?

All Bobbie Drex wanted was something normal—a new career as a private investigator. But after signing up with Nick Grayson to complete her internship, nothing normal has happened since.

In fact, when Grayson gets a call about a possible alien invasion going down in Plant City, Florida, normal packs its bags and books a flight for another planet.

Man pudding. Doomsday preppers. Wayne’s World wannabees ….

Not to mention the whole “living with a stranger in an RV” thing.
The horrors!

Good thing she’s packing a Glock—and enough snark to qualify as a lethal backup weapon.

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“For both the aficionado of 'woo-woo' theorizing and the lover of 'whodunit' suspense - you will be very glad to make the acquaintance of Dr. Prepper.”
“WOW…Lashley does it again. Installment #2 in this rare book series is another that one reads with a perma-press smile. The laugh out loud banter between the main characters moves almost as fast as the twists, turns and u-turns of the mystery. The situational descriptions of many of the player’s actions and activities are unforgettable. Bobbie’s unspoken thoughts…are as humorous as what she says out loud. Whodunit? You will not guess until the shocking moment of reveal.”
“The X-Files has found its funny bone!”
“Bobbie Drex is back with the mysterious Grayson to save the planet from annihilation by extraterrestrials -- or is it zombies?”
“This is a rollicking ride from the very beginning with laugh-out-loud prose, rednecks, weirdos and Tootsie Pops…oh my!”
“Margaret Lashley does not disappoint with the second installment of The Drex Files. The only downside is that the book had to end! I can’t wait for number three!”
“Full of wacky characters, amazing descriptions, and lots of theories of the supernatural and the unknown, this book makes for a funny mystery.”
“If you enjoy sci-fi, drama, mystery, comedy and just a tiny tease of romance, then The Drex Files is for you!”
“Rampant with humorous banter and fun interpersonal relationships over a solidly bizarre mystery and great characterization.”
“It takes place in my favorite weird State: Florida! Dr Prepper is not completely light hearted; you will take away some introspective thoughts on modern (sub)culture, which makes it an even more worthwhile read.”
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Series: Freaky Florida Mystery Adventures, Book 2
Genre: Mysteries
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