Glad One - Margaret Lashley

Glad One

One crazy old lady. Two gin and tonics. Three derelict beach-bum friends. Will Val’s fourth stab at starting over add up to a big fat zero?

St. Pete Beach, Florida attracts weirdos like mosquitoes to a bug zapper. But when thrice divorced native Val Fremden feels the tug to fly back to her old stomping grounds, she finds everyone and everything she knew squashed under the heels of change. With no money or prospects, Val’s got nothing to go on but her own dry sense of humor and the life coach advice of a beer-guzzling, dried-up old lady in a pink beach lounger. Can things get any weirder?

All bets are off as Val stumbles to find a sandy foothold along a winding path that leads from beach bars to deadbeats to the downright criminally insane. Picture Bridget Jones in a bikini surrounded by rednecks and you’ve got Glad One!

Pick up a copy of Glad One today and dive head-first into the wild and wacky world of Val and her beach bum pals!