Cloud Nine: When Pigs Fly - Margaret Lashley

Cloud Nine: When Pigs Fly

Cloud Nine: When Pigs Fly

Change happens. Even when it doesn’t make any cents.

Planning for a rainy day has never been Val’s forte. But when a storm brews up right in her own backyard, Val’s forced to get off her lounge chair and spring into action.

A shady, ham-fisted developer’s threatening to knock down Val’s favorite beach haunt, along with all the precious memories held within its shabby walls. With the owner’s signature on the bill of sale, the plan seems like a done deal.

Or is it?

Something fishy’s going on at the beach, and it’s going to take all the wits Val can muster to put a pig-headed developer out to pasture. But with her friend Goober missing in action, can Val get her act – and her troops – together in time to keep Sunset Beach from being wiped off the map?

Sandwiched between ghosts of the past and hopes for the future, Val needs to whip up a miracle if she’s going to save her own bacon….

If you like wacky, deeply flawed characters and laugh-out-loud situations, you’ll love Cloud Nine! It’s the ninth and final book in Margaret Lashley’s hilarious Val Fremden Mystery Series.

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"This series is a breath of fresh air. Hilarious, exceedingly well crafted, with amazingly quirky, lovable characters."
"I can't thank Margaret Lashley enough for sharing her incredible imagination with the rest of the world. If you are a fan of Janet Evanovich then you will fall in love with this series!"
"A hilarious take on life, love and.....pigs. A story line fit to tickle your funny bone."
"I have loved each book in this wild ride! I hate to see it end."
"Hooked like a fish. OMG Margaret Lashley is the best! Val could be Stephanie Plum's double!! Phenomenal writing."
“I love this rollicking series. Hilarious, exceedingly well crafted, amazingly quirky characters.”
“The characters and interaction are totally 'wet your pants laughing' funny!! Don't believe me? Grab a copy for yourself and see.”
“If you like Janet Evanovich you will love Margaret Lashley!"
"Deliciously screwball!"
"Not your usual cozy mystery! This is a fantastic series about real people who you can't help but like and want to read more!"
“Totally madcap and zany.”
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Series: Val Fremden Humorous Mystery Series, Book 9
Genre: Humorous Mystery
Tag: Kindle Unlimited
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