Three Dumb: Wheelin’ & Dealin’ - Margaret Lashley

Three Dumb: Wheelin’ & Dealin’

Three Dumb: Wheelin’ & Dealin’

Baloney and Cheesed-Off.

They say three’s the charm. But charming isn’t Val’s style.

Val Fremden is a lot of things. Quirky. Jaded. Disaster prone. But more than anything, she’s afraid of commitment.

When boyfriend Tom tells her he loves her – then trades away her mom’s ashes for a tiki hut – Val’s just not feelin’ it.

On the warpath with Tom, Val’s forced to rely on her oddball friends to help track down her mom’s cremains. But three botched stakeouts and two disasters later, she still hasn't got peanuts. Through trial (but mostly error), Val discovers it's not easy to outwit a mobile master of disguise when she's driving a paddy-wagon full of nutcases.

She loves Tom...she loves him not. Knowing Val, she’s gonna need a bigger flower….

If you love funny, hard-to-solve mysteries that put gaffs over gore and laughs over legalese, the Val Fremden Mystery Series is for you! Part Bridget Jones, part My Name is Earl, each book in the series is packed with crazy characters, zingy dialogue, hilarious similes and rip-roaring situational humor, making them a laugh a minute!

Often compared by readers to Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum, Margaret Lashley’s character, Val Fremden, is a bit older, a tad more jaded, and a ton more experienced in big-time failure. Life’s been tough for Val. Still, she always manages to find her way with sardonic humor and an intrepid spirit. A gin and tonic now and then helps, too.

Life’s a beach and then you die. If you’re ready for a good laugh and a great mystery, check out Three Dumb. It’s the third book in Margaret Lashley’s hysterical Val Fremden Mystery Series. Buy it now and let the laughs begin!

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"This is the best book in the series!"
"I don't know where Margaret Lashley gets her ideas, but I love the way her mind thinks."
"The characters will grab you and the story line will hold you from page 1 to the end."
"Ms. Lashley has an amazing capacity for creating story lines that are hilarious and meaningful. I love these books and hope that she continues to write them:)"
"The action and characters go from the opening paragraph and never slow down."
"It totally took my breath away."
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Series: Val Fremden Humorous Mystery Series, Book 3
Genre: Humorous Mystery
Tag: Kindle Unlimited
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